Do you want to help local businesses to grow?
Offer your clients an alternative delivery to pick-up locations set in numerous local stores
60% of customers who pick up their parcels in brick and mortar stores make extra purchases there. This leads to:
Incremental traffic for B&M stores
Additional revenue for handing over parcels
Sustainable consumption
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How do Brick and Mortar stores benefits from the pick-up in-store option?
  • Access points get paid for every handed over package
  • B&M stores get incremental revenue from increased foot traffic and wider recognition
  • One brick and mortar location gets packages from different D2C brands
About us in 2 minutes
Where can your buyers pick up their packages?
They are free to choose the most convenient locations from more than 30K+ access points across the US
How it works
Our plugin simply integrates with your online shop and it works with Shopify, Magento, Ecwid, and other platforms. Our RESTful APIs allow for quick integration

Customers make orders on your website and they can choose the most convenient pick-up point on our map
We deliver orders to chosen pick-up locations utilizing already existing logistics infrastructure
We pick up orders from your warehouses and bring them to commercial pick-up locations
We deliver parcels to pick-up points in bulk
We notify shoppers about every step of the delivery
We also provide your customers with tracking numbers for every parcel.
Customers pick up their orders at their chosen pick-up locations
Customers securely receives their packages by showing their privately generated unique QR codes
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