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Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
21.000+ of local pickup locations in brick and mortar stores
Deliver to your shoppers at a fraction of the cost of residential shipping in the way it fits their lifestyle
How it works
You simply integrate to Via.Delivery platform

Modules for popular e-commerce platforms and restful API
You instantly offer your shoppers a local pickup option at checkout
One of over 21.000+ shops, pharmacies or gas stations that are part of our national network
Order is delivered to shopper's chosen pickup location
Delivery is made using existing retailer infrastructure and Via.Delivery generate label (barcodes/QR) needed to complete pick up
Your shoppers pick up their order at any time they choose
A private code is securely sent via email/SMS

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More than 21,000 delivery points, and we keep adding more

Pick-up points are always within a short distance of your shoppers so it can fit their lifestyle and routines

In store pickup means security

Competitive advantage
We leverage our partner's existing logistics infrastructure, so we can offer you delivery at disruptive low prices

Most number of local pick up point locations to choose from nationwide
We partner with the most sophisticated and quality logistics partners which means dependability for your deliveries

Our platform is built on Amazon Web Services which guarantees stability and unlimited load of orders

What type of goods can be delivered via your platform?
Any goods that fit in a box with dimensions of 21x15x14 inch.
How can an online store integrate with you?
We have plug ins for e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Ecwid ready, we can integrate via API and also our IT team can develop a plug in to fit your e-commerce platform needs.
How does the process of pick up look like?
Your shopper receives a message right after the order that her parcel is on her way to the location. After it gets there she gets another message that she can pick up her order using 4 digits code at the location chosen during stated working hours. When the order is picked up you get notification from us. We can also postpone the expiration date several times.
Who is responsible for the first mile and what is the delivery period?
We take care of the whole delivery process. Delivery period depends on the location of your warehouse and the shopper's location, but within one state it takes no more than 2 days.
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