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Online orders

Online Orders
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
Generate incremental revenue by becoming an authorized Via.Delivery pickup point
Get extra foot traffic
to brick and mortar stores

15,000 +
Brick and mortar stores already joined
Avg foot traffic -> sales conversion
Extra annual foot traffic
for each store

Why Via.Delivery?

Be part of 10,000,000,000
parcels delivery stream

We are positioning brick and mortar stores
to benefit from e-commerce boom by using stores as pick up points

For brick and mortar stores we provide
Growth of revenue
Convert extra traffic to purchases
Promotion opportunities
Promote yourself to local clients and increase retention
Differentiation from competitors
Stand out from other stores in your neighborhood
How it works
Step 1

You register to Via.Delivery for free
Onboard in 5 minutes and ready to go
Step 2

You get parcels to handle
Our couriers bring them to store during your working hours
A client picks her order at your cash deck
It takes 20 seconds to scan QR code on the parcel and handle it to a client

Do I have to pay something?
No, it's free foot traffic for you
Do I need to buy or install any equipment?
No, you don't.

You only need to have a smartphone with a camera to scan the QR code on a parcel.
How much space do I need to keep parcels?
We deliver small parcels with cosmetics, books, toys, etc. The average weight is less than 1 pound, and the average volume is 35 cubic inches.

Most of your parcels are kept under the cash desk.
Join Via.Delivery

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