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Via.Delivery is
for D2C brands
Checkout and
Customer Visibility
Pickup Locations
Checkout and Customer Visibility
Shipping Capabilities
21,000+ Pickup Locations
Reduce Shipping Expenses
Commercial deliveries exclude or reduce many of the surcharges and assesorials associated with residential delivery
Eliminated Porch Piracy
Zero porch piracy - Eliminate the costs associated with claims filing with the carriers and replacement orders for these types of shipment
Your Customers Never wait for a package again
Signature required packages will be delivered to a BOPA location waiting for your clients to come pick it up. 7 days on your customer's schedule
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Pickup locations (BOPA) are comprised of well known retail locations that thousands of people visit daily all within 5 miles of 92% of the US population.
How it works
Online stores install the Via.Delivery's plugin or use our API solution set
In most cases, onboarding takes minutes to a few hours, not days or weeks.
21K pickup (BOPA) locations are available to select from in your checkout experience
The customers choose the pickup locations using Via.Delivery's MAP widget or our list feature, both providing, nearby pickup locations.
The customers choose a convenient pickup (BOPA) location in checkout that works best for their lifestyle.
Closest pickup locations are defined based on the zip code and street address of the end shopper.
We deliver your customer's order to the selected (BOPA) location.
Our carrier network picks up orders from your shipping locations and delivers them to one of 21K+ Alternate Delivery Locations around the US. Estimated delivery times are better than or equal to Ground Residential Services.
Your customers are notified by us
We send notifications at every step of the delivery process. Shippers can "brand" the communications ensuring "stickiness" with their customers.
Customer pick up process is easy
The customer securely receives the package by presenting a Gov't issued Identification (driver's License, Passport, etc.) and their tracking number at the Alternate Delivery (BOPA) Location.
Pickup locations across the US
Saved per shipment with our
commercial shipping rates
Great NPS
(Net Promoter Score)
From BOPA alternatives at checkout, to competitive rates, shipment visibility and pickups that fit your customers lifestyle.
We offer the entire solution!

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