Buy Online Pickup Anywhere
#BOPA for wine shops
Enable shipping to nearby pick-up locations with our simple checkout technology
Wine is not exposed to weather extremes
Avoid losses due to redeliveries and failed delivery attempts
Up to 30% cheaper than residential shipping
Seamless integration with your checkout
Try the demo
Seamless integration with your checkout
Try the demo
How it works
Our partner carriers pick up the order from you and deliver to the chosen pick-up location
Customer can pick up their wines during that Location's operating hours. Orders are kept for 7 days
Customer is presented with convenient locations closest to their address
Customer chooses the Local Pick-up Points option at checkout
Customer adds wines to their online cart
We integrate with your checkout
What else do you get?
and tracking
We notify your customers about every step of the delivery. Notifications are customizable!
Our plugin seamlessly integrates with your checkout and offers the pick-up option to your customers. We work with all major
e-commerce platforms
Customizable delivery
Customers love having options! Variety of shipping options will make delivery fit their lifestyles better
36,000+ pick-up locations across the US
I didn’t know this service existed! Like all wine lovers, I would often miss my wine delivery attempts. Now I can decide how and when to get it, and the flexibility is really nice. And I don’t know why, but this was also the cheapest delivery option out there!
I wanted to get a birthday present for my mother - she loves good wine. Didn't want her to see it being delivered and spoil the surprise, so I had it shipped to a nearby location. A great option if you want to get a gift for your loved ones!
Finally a delivery option for wines that does not cost a fortune!
My work schedule is unpredictable and I'm not sure when I'll be home. The pick-up option is a great solution for me - I can receive my parcels whenever it's a convenient time.
Staying home waiting to sign for wine deliveries can be annoying. If the driver arrives when you're not home, they have to reattempt later. This time I decided to pick up my wine while grocery shopping, and it worked really well for me.
It was $15 cheaper and I picked up nearby.
I probably won't pickup my wine every single time, but I'll use this service when I'm not sure if I can stay home for delivery, or when travelling. Wish that more wine shops would offer this!
Happy wine lovers need more delivery choices at lower costs
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