About Us
Founder and CEO Mitchell Nikitin
Via.Delivery CEO Mitchell Nikitin, a former race car driver, knew what it meant to take risks when he started his first venture in logistics and freight - A Motion logistics. The underlying principles of his first venture helped form the foundation and his understanding of the basics of logistics and overall business management. After a successful exit, Mitchell and his wife and partner Olga, founded a food tech company - meal kit delivery business.
Mitchell Nikitin
Founder and CEO

Our team

Olga Nikitin, Founder and CPO
As CEO of the meal kit delivery business, Olga gained a deep understanding of a D2C business, invaluable insights about the needs of shoppers and learned how to overcome last mile delivery issues that come with perishable products.
This led to their next venture: Via.Delivery, a company transforming the U.S. shipping and delivery market by creating the country's largest Buy Online, Pickup Anywhere (BOPA) network that includes more than 36,000 local commercial pickup locations across the U.S. with about one-third located inside pharmacies, grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores.
Olga serves as co-founder and CPO of Via.Delivery where the company's first-to-market next-gen digital logistics and cloud-based delivery platform makes it easy for e-commerce retailers to activate BOPA, ship orders to thousands of BOPA locations across the country and automatically alert shoppers of shipping and delivery status.
Founder and CPO
Olga Nikitina
The delivery and e-commerce experiences of the business helped Olga and Mitchell identify and pursue a final mile opportunity that fostered the creation of Via.Delivery
Today Via.Delivery is a Buy Online Pick up Anywhere IT solution for D2C brands that offers alternative delivery in check out
Vladislav Baginskiy, Co-Founder and CTO
To build this technology solution, Via.Delivery engaged Vladislav Baginskiy as a co-founder and CTO. With 20+ years experience as a CIO/CTO, Vlad has been instrumental in creating the architecture of the solution based on the use of AWS. Via.Delivery's API and Shopify/BidCommerce and other plug-ins make it possible for e-commerce merchants to get up and running with BOPA, almost instantly.
Co-founder and CTO
Vladislav Baginskiy
Jeff Macak, Co-Founder and COO
Jeff Macak, Co-Founder and COO, joined Via.Delivery to help tap into the fast growing US market. Jeff brings more than 30 years of retail and e-commerce experience to the company, 20 of which were spent leading and managing the supply chain of a $12b retail organization. Jeff's industry relationships led to a successful partnership with a major logistics company in the U.S., which enables us to solve the last mile problem for our customers. Via.Delivery has more than 36,000 alternative delivery locations across the U.S.
Jeff Macak
Co-founder and COO
At Via.Delivery, every team member shares the same goals and we work together with openness and respect to achieve results. We all share the values of integrity, respect and ethics.
All team members, from IT IT specialists to developers to marketing and PR to product owners and sales, are outstanding individuals from around the world who participate in and influence the direct success of the business.
Team Members