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Our strategy - commercial rates only

Via.Delivery go to market strategy is to negotiate only for rates associated with deliveries for these BOPA locations. These rates come with very few incremental charges.
The example below illustrates the difference between a residential delivery and a delivery to a BOPA location. It is important to note that certain charges that are related to residential deliveries are not part of a BOPA location delivery.
Example Shipment - Zone 5, 3 LBS
Many residential delivery surcharges also include fuel surcharges in the total rate calculations. The higher the fuel surcharge, the greater the savings for a BOPA delivery.
Delivering to a BOPA location should have
Substantial Cost Savings
Feb 2024
Assumptions Base
Rate Discount
Assumptions Residential
Surcharge Discount
Our approach is to only negotiate rates to these BOPA locations offering attractive discounts, avoiding many of the surcharges associated
with residential deliveries
BOPA locations offer customers great convenience. Customers can pick up their packages within 7 days of the delivery. Our solution notifies customers multiple times, reminding them that their package still needs to be picked up.
Billing is made easy as we maintain a weight to zone billing structure similar to most parcel carriers. The only cost not included in our rates is fuel, which gets adjusted on a weekly basis and aligns with our carrier's fuel schedules. We bill the shipper when the shipments are delivered to one of our BOPA locations.
We have built our solution as a digital carrier in which we use tier 1 carriers to move shippers' products to their customers. Via.Delivery is the 3rd party carrier while the brand continues to operate as the shipper of record.