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PYMNTS | D2Cs Eye Commercial Claim Center Delivery to Cut Costs, Thwart Porch Pirates

by Matt Nesto, editor-in-chief | January 18, 2022

It may say "free delivery" on your order, but everyone knows the process of moving a package from point A to point B is anything but free, especially for the small retailers who have to shoulder the expense of increasingly costly shipping to compete with the industry's giants.
Add in a fairly high — and rising — degree of so-called "porch piracy" or parcel theft, and the true cost of your "free" delivery goes even higher.

It's exactly why Via.Delivery was created and launched in 2020 by founder and CEO Mitchell Nikitin, who told PYMNTS the new service, which combines commercial freight rates and claim center pickups rather than doorstep drop-off, is gaining traction with over 2,000 merchants that have signed up and now offer it as a delivery option at checkout.

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