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Configuring Via.Delivery Shipstation/ShipEngine module

Instructions for installing and configuring the Via.Delivery app for ShipStation

The integration is required to allow shipments to Pick-up locations and FedEx Hold At Locations which are not natively supported by ShipStation and Shopify.

The following steps allow you to prepare orders and labels in the appropriate format. Also, the integration will restore client contact data: phone number and email, if they are lost between Shopify and Shipstation. The phone number is required to notify the client when the package is delivered to a pickup location.

Installation takes no more than 10 minutes and does not require the participation of programmers.
  1. Go to Settings → Account → API → Generate New API Keys

2. Get API Key and API Secret and send it to Via.Delivery tech specialists

3. In Shipstation → Settings → Shipping → Carriers add new carrier Via Delivery

4. Request ID and Auth Token from Via.Delivery Team (or copy it from Via.Delivery app settings in your Online Store CMS) and press Connect. Account appears in Via Delivery list.

5. In Shipstation → Settings → Selling Channels → Store Setup connect your Online Store CMS.

6. In Shipstation → Settings → Integrations → Integration Partners add webhooks, where DEALERID is your ID from p.4 of this instruction. As shop name select your Online Store CMS, connected in p.5.

7. Configure 4 webhooks adding them to the webhook list.
Use these following URLs for each type of webhook:

On New Items:

On New Orders:

On Items Shipped:

On Orders Shipped:
Integration successfully settled and ready for shipping orders with Via.Delivery!

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