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TechCrunch | 20 companies presenting at Alchemist Accelerator's 26th Demo Day today

by Greg Kumparak 9:01 AM PST•January 21, 2021
A network of brick-and-mortar stores willing to act as local pickup locations for your shipments. They say they currently have roughly 15,000 locations across 12 time zones.
The enterprise-focused Alchemist Accelerator is hosting its 26th Demo Day today, with 20 companies expected to debut.

This is Alchemist's third Demo Day to be fully virtual due to the ongoing pandemic. Alchemist Accelerator Director Ravi Belani tells me that this virtual format has thus far "outperformed the in-person Demo Day format," with Alchemist's internal data indicating that follow-up meetings have increased by around 20%.
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